Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break, Staycation Style

Spring Break is over.

Bug is back to school. Hubster is back to studying furiously for the DAT (Dental Admission Test). Monkey is back to playing. I'm back to work...

Oh, wait. I was working the whole time.

I wish someone had told me that growing up involved giving up Spring Break, Summer Vacation, President's Day, Winter Recess, Labor Day, and parent-teacher conference recess. Actually, I think someone mentioned it one. I'm pretty sure I just laughed and said, "Don't be ridiculous. No one actually works during the summer!"

Our Spring Break didn't include exotic locales with palm trees and white sandy beaches. It didn't include amusement parks with giant mice.

Instead, our Spring Break included arts and craft time...

Our Spring Break included a tent in the boys bedroom that we all slept in, a bag of marshmallows, a box of cookies, and twenty library books...

(Well, Hubster waited until the rest of us were alseep and then he snuck back and enjoyed the comfort of a real mattress).

Our Spring Break included one day of snow (on the first day of spring, no less) that resulted in a snowball fight and a giant snowman.

Our Spring Break included, "Mom, if you take one more picture of me..."

Would I love to travel? Absolutely! But I think there is something valuable in teaching our children to be satisfied with spending time together as a family. Do I want their childhood memories to include beaches and DisneyWorld? Of course. But I want them to realize that happiness doesn't come from that, but from each other.

We may not have left home, but the memories are just as priceless.


  1. Love, love, love this post. I totally agree and loved your spring break photos. It looks like so much fun. So many children have a such a sense of entitlement and sometimes the memories made at home are the ones they remember and cherish more than the expensive, overstimulating trips.

  2. I wish we had a room big enough to pitch a tent indoors!! well... we could get a smaller tent I suppose... that would be cheaper! Fun is more important than Disney!! I agree ~ Home is a great place for fun! =) Thanks for visiting today!

  3. That sounds like an awesome Spring Break. Well...except for the snow!

    And your boys are so cute!

  4. We are doing lots of exciting things on Spring Break here know, like Trader Joe's yesterday, Chuck E Cheese today, library tomorrow, and i have a fabulous(ly simple) Easter craft all ready to go too! So it's not glamorous but we love it anyway.

  5. I love vacations spent at home.

  6. One of my fondest memories as a child was being woken up in the midnight hours and feasting on hot buttered popcorn while we counted thunderclaps and watched the lightening display.
    --Sneaking up on our bellies to uncover the first green shoots of spring bulbs.
    Home is the best and sweetest vacation spot in the world if you never loose you nose for discovery and adventure. Way to go Katherine!!
    For the boys, school might seem like a new place after Spring Break too.
    To Hubster: We're rainig down millions of sparkling wishes for a great score on the DAT and acceptance to Dental School!

  7. Sounds like a WONDERFUL Spring Break to me! I am absolutely with you on teaching the young ones that there's more to happiness than giant mice and extensive vacations. PLEASE.

    I'm so glad Karen sent you over to Cheap Wine and Cookies, because I'm so glad to have found your blog! I think our interests and lives seem very, very similar. Can't wait to dig in more.

  8. Staycations are my favorite! Sounds like a perfect Spring Break to me.