Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Dear Day Light Savings Time,

You've taken quite a bit of flack the last couple days, what with making people wake up an hour earlier and all. I know for a fact that Hubster hates you (thus the Stupid Day written on our calendar.)

But I like you.

I know, I know. Maybe I'm crazy. But I do. Yes, it's dark when I leave for work. But it was dark when I left for work before this last weekend. It was also dark when I got home. And now it's light when I get home. We have dinner while the sky is still light. I feel like I've just been given extra hours in the day.

Everyone else can say what they want. I like you.


Someone who celebrates every sign that winter is over. Even Day Lights Saving.


Dear Iowa Winter,

You were long. You were frigid. You were some of the hardest months I've been through.

I know you were doing your best to be a typical hard Midwestern winter. But the 30 days without a temperature above 30 was a bit much, don't you agree? And two cold snaps with wind chills to -30 may have been overkill.

But despite all that, you are reasonable.

March 1st came along, and you very politely backed up and left. You left and made way for sunshine and 60 degree temperature days.

So even though I hate you, and am not looking forward to our meeting next year, I still would like to thank you for leaving on time.


A transplanted Utahn who is used to snow in May


Dear Anesthesiology,

I am so happy to be back (even if it is just for one month.) Thank you for being as wonderful as I remember you.

Yes, you are a lot of work. Yes, you are difficult. Yes, I leave at the end of the day so exhausted I am falling asleep over dinner.

But you are exciting and fun, and it's a little like having that new relationship feeling.

I can't believe I get to do this for a living.


A resident who feels validated about her decision.


Dear House,

You were not the house of my dreams when I first met you. You were a product of the 70s and blue. And you had terrible lighting.

But I have fallen completely in love with you.

You are no longer just a house. You are a home for my family.

I know that you have felt a little neglected over the winter months. We've done little to dress you up and improve you over the last several months.

But don't worry. We have big plans for you.

Excitedly yours,

A giddy first time home owner whose dreams may just slightly exceed her budget


  1. I am 100% with you on the time change. I love it! I totally feel like I have an extra hour at night!

  2. I don't hate the time change either. I think it's stupid that we have to change our clocks back and forth...I can't really wrap my brain around it...but I love the lighter evenings!

  3. I LOVE these letters. I, too, am sooo done with winter!

    Visiting from SITS! ...and becoming a follower!