Thursday, January 13, 2011

What This All Means

As I've mentioned before, Hubster started dental school in the fall. Now that we've turned the corner into 2011, mentally I have to start thinking that he is starting this year, not next year. This is such a huge thing for our family and I spend a great deal of time thinking about what this means for us. Things such as:

-Our boys will be back in daycare of some form or another. We're hoping to get them in the before and after school program at their school, but there is a long wait list.

-Who on earth is going to clean our house now? It's not exactly the cleanest house ever, but Hubster keeps the major messes under control. And he does laundry and dishes. With him going to school, I'm just not sure how it's going to be done.

-We get to double our student loans. Actually more than double, as it turns out that dental school is a lot more expensive than medical school. Although with all the interest that I've capitalized, we may just about be equal.

-This sure makes baby planning thing a whole lot more difficult. I think this is entitled to its very own post.

-We'll absolutely be sticking around in Iowa for several more years. I am perfectly happy about this. Iowa has really begun to feel like home.

-I need a job here after residency. There are only 3 real options. I hope they like me.

-We are once again on a "five year plan." I think we've gone through three or four of these by now.

-I'm trying to not think about how complicated our schedules will be. If only I could have a somewhat predictable schedule so that everyone could count on me a little bit more.

-I see a significant amount of pizza in our future. Because if I thought cleaning our house is going to be difficult, cooking meals will be even more so.

-People can finally stop asking Hubster what his plans for the future are. Apparently, being a stay at home dad wasn't a good enough response.

-We are going to start being asked that question again. The "how do you guys do it" question. I need a better answer than just one day at a time.

These are some of the things that have been running through my mind ever since we got Hubster's acceptance a few weeks ago. I don't have solutions to many of them, and many of them stress me out. What I do know is this. It's going to be hard. It's going to be crazy. It's going to be worth it.


  1. It *is* going to be crazy, but you two seem like such an amazing team that you will figure it out and make it work together. As for cleaning, any chance you can hire a cleaning service to come once a month? As for cooking, I'm starting to see lots more fresh, prepared meals available at our local grocery store. That might be an option you can add to your pizza nights. Good luck!

  2. Phew. I feel stressed out already! I don't know how you do it but I'm sure everything will fall into place. Hope your 5 year plan works this time!

  3. A slow cooker is a wonderful thing.

    Good luck.


  4. Everything is just going to work out. That's how it is.

    And LisaDay is right. Slow cookers are amazing.

  5. Sounds like your lives are crazy busy, but it's wonderful that you both are going for your dreams. Good luck!

  6. You have built a real castle on a real hill with a real prince and a real kingdom. It did not appear by magic but it a a great light to see in the hill tops especially at night when we all look at stars and dream. The important things will rise to the top. If they don't you'll be unhappy long enough to fix it, and they will still rise to the top. What ever falls through the cracks after that, was not as important as what you kept. May especially now, unseen hands give you aid as they have in the past.

  7. Trust me, you can do it. It'll get crazy and messy and some days are better than others. But if nothing else, it'll be blogworthy!

  8. No doubt you have an amazing family. I'm sure all of you can get through it. It may be difficult, but chasing your dreams provides comfort and fulfillment. My wife befriended several Chattanooga dentists because of our neighbor's cousin. She learned from them that dental school is more expensive and nerve-wracking than medical school. Yet, my son still wants to be a dentist. Chattanooga, TN is home to best dentists in town who are my son's inspiration.