Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Funk

Taking a multivitamin.



These are all things that I know I should do. But lately, I just feel like I can't. Alright, I know that blogging isn't technically something that I "should" be doing, more like something I'd "like" to be doing, but it feels about the same.

In the same way that I look at my bottle of vitamins and think, "You know what? I just don't feel like taking one today." Or walk past my weights and stationary bike and think, "I could...but I'm not going to." That's how blogging has been right now.

It's not writer's block. I have whole posts, completely formed, tumbling around in my head. They are somewhat good, too (at least in my head they are.) I just completely lack the motivation to sit down and right them.

I'd apparently rather spend my time off work perfecting my Wii sword-fighting skills or shopping online for that dining room table we can't afford.

I could blame it on the weather, but I don't really feel like doing that right now either.

So, excuse me while I leave you with this post about how I don't want to post anything while I go and lose to my eight year old at Wii again.

I wonder if I'd win if I took my vitamins.


  1. Ooh, try the gummi vites for adults...I actually want to eat those! Not just for kids ;)

    Read that book, Water for Elephants! Great book. Happy New Year to you Katherine. I've found myself in the same situation this week...low motivation for exercising and blogging :)

  2. That happens to me every couple of months. Just give into it. You'll feel like blogging again soon enough.

    For now, take a vitamin and go smoke that kid!

  3. Being beaten by your eight-your-old sounds like more fun than anything else. Just embrace it. But on a serious note, you should take Vitamin D. It might help with the funk.


  4. I'm so there. I've actually been in a funk for way too long and my vitamins aren't working! I'm also blaming my cold and working too many hours over the holiday. I hope you can put a little spunk in your funk soon!

  5. I think we all need a little break every now and then. No big deal. But since you aren't being paid to blog, if you aren't enjoying it, why do it unless you feel like it? That's how I feel about it, anyway.

  6. Get yourself a bunch of daffodils, include hugs from home! Connecting with your child is the very best use of your time. Give yourself a check plus for keeping your priorities straight. xoxoxox

  7. Playing Wii with your 8yrold is far more important than blogging, at least that's my opinion.