Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 52: The Three Day Weekend Edition

I didn't actually have a three day weekend, since I had to work yesterday. But it was fine, since I mini-rocked the OR yesterday.

I don't actually plan on posting goal updates every week (that was not one of my goals) , but since I'm home on this delightfully snowy day, I figured why not. It's been amazing to me how much I've accomplished in just one week. Here, let me show you...

3. Get my passport.

I filled out the paperwork and printed it out. I'm dragging my feet on actually submitting everything, because the $150 fee seems a little steep, especially when I have no current plans to leave the country.

7. Plan monthly menus.
We actually made a menu for this month. The problem is, I want to put things on the menu and Hubster keeps pointing out that he doesn't know how to cook those things. He likes to ignore the cookbooks above the stove.

8. Meet my girlfriends for brunch one a month.
Brunch is planned for next Sunday!

9. Send birthday cards to all my siblings and be on time this year.
I've already fallen behind. I did send off two cards, but I was late, dang it.

23. Go to the doctor and get my hand looked at.
This was actually the easiest thing. The ortho clinic was able to see me in just a few days. But this has opened a huge can of worms. Now, they want to me see Physical Therapy, get fitted for a splint, and get a second opinion from a rheumatologist. What a pain. But at least I've stopped ignoring the problem and am finally doing something about it.

24. Introduce my children to musicals.
I borrowed "The King and I" from the library. I'm so excited to watch it with them. I fully plan on us walking around the house, singing "Getting to know you! Getting to know all about you!"

27. Read 5 non-work related books.
I've started my second book. I'm well on my way!

34. Go skiing.
After looking at my schedule and the amount of snow, I may have to take this one off my list. But we are going sledding today. That's almost the same thing.

47. Calculate my monthly grocery budget.
I've started doing this. I'm saving receipts, seeing how much money we are spending. This is a lot more work that I thought it would be. I was inspired by this blogger's post. I think she must be a lot more organized than I am.

48. Start my blogging project for my boys.
I wrote about this here. Look for the first post coming this week!

I think that having worked on 9 things off my list is pretty good. If I kept this pace up, I would be done by the end of March! But not really, because camping in the winter in Iowa would suck. And I would definitely not do it four times.

It's been a great week. How is your week going?


  1. I ordered a cell phone on December 20th and, through a series of unseen events, still don't have it. It's supposed to come tomorrow so I'm "stoked". ; )

  2. Wow! You had a great week! Keep the momentum going!

  3. A passport is that expensive? I got one when I went to England...but it didn't seem that bad at the time. I must have had more money to spare back then!

  4. You are doing amazing. I had no idea that getting a passport was so expensive!! That's on my list, too.

  5. Wow, now I feel like a slacker! Seriously, do you ever sleep? How do you do it all?

  6. Wow you did have a great week! I love your idea of introducing musicals to your kids. Love it, I may borrow that idea.

    Sadly, I am already late with my birthday cards too. I always want to be on time...why can't I do that?

    Have a great week!

  7. I found your blog from A Peek at Karen's World. My husband is a OB/GYN resident so I always love to peek into the lives of other residents. Looks like this week was a good one for you. Seriously, how do you get so much done and be a resident??

  8. You are a rock star!

    They must have JUST raised the price on first-time passports. That's ridiculous!

    You're well on your way, though. I need to step it up!

  9. You've just reminded me that I need to begin the process of getting passports for my kids. We're planning to drive to Haines, AK, next summer and we have to go through the Yukon to get there. I've heard that we can no longer just show ID at the Canadian border, we have to have passports for everyone. I'm hoping it's not true, but it probably is, so I better get crackin' on those applications.

  10. If you go winter camping make sure you have the right gear. It's awfully cold it you don't. congrats on crossng things off your list.


  11. I'm way behind on reading, but it looks like you're doing great on your goals!