Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best Bubbles Ever

When we were making the schedule for the entire next year last summer (completely true - this is how my life works), I had to make sure that the days the boys had off school were covered somehow.  This meant that nearly all my vacation for the entire year was spent covering random days off, such as the two days off around parent-teacher conference, and the strange day at the end of February.  A good portion of my vacation time when to when I knew the boys would be out of school in June.  Last May/June, we didn't know that my sister would be out here, we had no way of knowing what our childcare plans would be.  All we knew was that someone needed to be home with the boys.

And that's how I found myself home for four lovely days this week.  Each day has been packed with small local adventures, topped off by the occasional sunburn and sprinkler run.

By Thursday, however, I had nearly exhausted my arsenal of cheap, close family activities.

Time to dip a little deeper into my creative side.

Monkey and I mixed up a large batch of the best bubbles ever.

I let Bug and Monkey raid every drawer and cupboard of the kitchen for bubble making tools.

Everything was gathered on the back porch and the fun began.  The boys loved seeing which kitchen utensil would make the best bubbles, the biggest bubbles, the most bubbles.

The unanimous vote was that the apple slicer, the box grater, and the biscuit cutters worked the best.

The rest of the afternoon was spent happily blowing bubbles.

Sometimes the best memories don't require buckling the kids in the car, don't require any traveling, and don't require any money.  Sometimes, they only require a summer afternoon and some bubbles.

P.S.   For those of you who want it, but can't read my scribbles on the side of the container -

The Best Bubbles Ever Recipe
1 part corn syrup
2 parts liquid dish soap
12 parts water.

Thoroughly mix the corn syrup and water together and then gently stir in the dish soap.

This will keep for a couple of weeks, but it won't last that long.  At least not in our house.


  1. I bought corn syrup at the store today...I'll let you know if it's as big of a hit at our house!

  2. What kind of dish soap did you use? The Trader Joe's brand we had didn't work so great. It's pretty thin, though. However, after reading your post again, I think I need to try our apple cutter. We only used slotted spoons and spatulas. Back out this afternoon we'll go!

  3. I LOVE this idea. I'm totally going to do this with my nephew the next time I watch him.