Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today you are eight.

And I love you more each day. Which is strange, since you stole my entire heart the first time I held you.

I love your funny smiles.

I love your protectiveness of your little brother.

I love your indecision. Because it reminds me of myself.

I love the calics in your hair. The ones that cause anxiety for anyone cutting your hair.

I love how your hair gets blonder and your skin gets tanner all summer. That does not remind me of myself.

I love your creativity.

I love your blue eyes and your giant pupils.

I love your ears that stick out, just a little. A trait you get from my grandmother. One that I'm afraid you will hate later in life.

I love the gentleness in you. Your carefulness.

I love your go-with-the-flow attitude. It reminds me of your daddy.

I love the budding environmentalist and conservationist I see in you.

I love your freckles.

I love your long eye lashes.

I love the sponge for knowledge that you are. Your delight in learning. You just can't get enough.

I love that you're my son.


  1. What a wonderful post and a very sweet boy. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful son.

  2. What a beautiful celebration of your little guy. You take such amazing pictures and beautiful words to accompany them. Happy Birthday to your Bug!

  3. Beautiful post! he is such a cutie :)

  4. Those eyes! Oh my gosh!!! Happy Birthday to your Bug. He's just gorgeous.

  5. Aww! What a wonderful tribute! And I love all the close-up pics—what a great idea for remembering the details.

  6. Aaw, what a sweet mom you are to write something like this :)

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  7. I love this tribute. What a wonderful and sweet post. Happy Birthday Bug!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your little boy!

  9. I've read a lot of birthday posts, but I think this is my favorite!

    So sweet! Your Bug is so lucky to have such a great mom!