Monday, June 28, 2010

Dressed Up

I have developed a new love. One that may actually be healthy for me, as it doesn't involve anything with butter, cream cheese, or marshmallows. One that allows me to show the feminine side I try to cultivate in my house full of boys. One that shows my softer, romantic side.

I've started wearing skirts.

Previously, I was a skirt-hater. A livid, staunch skirt-hater. I hated how fussy they seems (as I always thought before I needed pantyhose and a slip.) I hated how confining they felt. I hated that I had to be a little more careful in them, as to avoid giving the public a free show. They felt like the worst thing in the world to be chasing two little boys down the aisle of Walmart in. I hated that they were either skimming the floor (making me trip over them) or above my knees, exposing my most disliked body parts.

I had not worn a skirt voluntarily for years.

Last December, we were invited to a formal Christmas party. And due to the previous skirt-hate, which was also dress-hate, I had nothing formal adult holiday gathering appropriate. I didn't own a "little black dress." I didn't even own a giant tent shaped dress. I had nothing. So I swallowed my angst and went out to buy a simple black skirt to go with an absolutely fabulous Ann Taylor blouse that I adore. One that didn't scream nunnery or street walker.

When I came downstairs dressed in my skirt, ready for the party, I actually thought I looked kind of cute.

But it was my boys reaction that cliched everything.

They were speechless. Bug and Monkey didn't remember ever seeing me in a dress. Their shock quickly changed to delight as they clamored about pretty I was. Monkey was darling as he squealed, "Spin around, Mommy! Dance with me! Dance with Bug! Dance with Daddy! Dance with my dog!!"

Since that time, I've developed my own little love affair with skirts. I can admit that I was wrong. I've come to realize that skirts are easy to wear, casual as well as dressy. And I can still tackle a three year old and strap him into a shopping cart while wearing a khaki skirt as I can wearing jeans.

I'm enjoying my new fashion love...

...And the look on Hubster's face when he saw me in the dress I got for our anniversary.


  1. Cute dress. Wish you had a picture of you wearing it.

  2. I am not the biggest dress fan either, but I am coming around on them for a very similar reason...last time I wore a dress, L tells me I look like a princess! :)

  3. Ooh, that is a cute dress!!! I love dresses, because they are so EASY. You only have to pick out one thing, and you're done.

    Last summer I rediscovered the skirt, too. Old Navy has tons that are cheap and cute, and go great with tanks. Seriously, check it out. It's amazing how the same top with a skirt instead of shorts can make you look 1000 times more put together, and it's just as easy.

  4. yes, that is a fabulous dress! Here's to embracing your feminine side...I've just started to do the same within the last year. It's kinda nice to be out of the sweats and jeans phase :)

  5. Great dress! I keep thinking I should wear skirts. Maybe someday when I'm not constantly covered with spit up. :)

  6. I still have a hate for skirts. Actually, it's not the skirts. I hate shoes. And shopping for them.


  7. I love dresses when I wear them. It's just that I forget I love them until I HAVE to put one on.

    And that dress is so cute! I love it!

  8. Welcome to dress love, I just bought quite a few they are my summer staple. I bet you looked hot in that dress. especially tailored to you!