Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lessons from Last Week

Last week was not just a week of busyness and activities, but one of realizations and lessons that I've actually learned over the last year, but only realized in the last seven days.

*My mother is an amazing woman. I don't know how she does what she does. I need to thank her for everything more often than I do.

*Hubster has really become my best friend over the last year. We've had to depend on each other so much. We've grown closer than ever. I'm thankful I have him.

*A lot of people eat a lot of food. Exponentially more than a few people.

*My family will always love me, accept me, and support me. Sometimes I give them too little credit. And when I do that, they come through and surprise me and bring me to tears.

*Sometimes, things just break of their own accord.

*Some people change less than you would think in a year. Some people change more.

*When it comes to family, one year and 1200 miles doesn't really change anything. Other than the excitement of seeing each other, it may have well been down the street and two days later in terms of comfort.

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  1. Very nicely said and beautiful pictures.

  2. I'm glad you had fun with you family in town.

  3. Oh lovely flower photos these make me happy too.

  4. Nice photographs, very pretty indeed

  5. I can't write and not cry. I'm homesick for you too. You and Hubster and the boys made everything wonderful. You were patient, understanding, and caring. You adjusted and rose to all occasions beautifully. Iowa was more than every kid hoped, and they long daily that you lived next door, or we did. Thank you for the wonderful visit! Every firefly hold a heart beat from home!
    Have the bunnies felt safe enough to return? It is likely the house will slowly recover, but may have a temporary nervous break down. Personally, I'm more concerned with Hubster's recovery. Has he lost the haggard, "Don't know if I can do this" look? Will he be able to contemplate the in-laws without calling a restroom break or scheduling a golf day? Perhaps next visit will be in a neutral zone? Have to tease! Humor is the best recovery for anything that doesn't kill you and the best friend for what might. Thank you Hubster! Thank you Katherine! Thank you Bug and Monkey!