Friday, June 4, 2010

Taking Up The Slack

Hubster submitted his application for dental school today.

We celebrated all of his hard work by going out to one of our favorite local restaurants, which blessedly is a loud one, so no one could hear the wailings of nap-deprived children.

I don't have a doubt in my mind that he is going to get in. He's had 15 years of work experience, rare in a field where many go from high school to college to graduate school. He's done everything from manual labor to technical research. He has test scores and grades well above average. And he's just simply amazing.

All we have to do is sit back and wait for interview season in the fall.

I know he'll get in.

And it scares me just a little.

Over the years, our lives have been very complicated. We've juggled multiple schedules and responsibilities. And one of the only reasons we've been able to make this work is because of Hubster. He's been there for me. He's the one who took time off work when my schedule was too crazy. He's the one who's been responsible for shuttling kids to school and activities. He's taken up the slack that I've left for years.

But soon, he'll have something that demands just as much of him as my profession does of me. He'll be the one with all night study session before exams and unexpected evening labs. He'll be the one with unpredictable clinical rotation schedules.

It's absolutely his turn. He's earned it. I feel privileged that I'll have the opportunity to support him as he has supported me.

But it means there will be two of us, working as hard as we can. Not that hard work scares us. We're used to it.

But there will still be our precious boys to take care of, a house to tend to, meals to be made and clothes to be cleaned. And I wonder, who will be left to take up the slack?


  1. Things will just work out because they have to. :-)

    It's so great that you guys are getting to make your dreams come true. Lots of hard work yields so many blessings.

  2. You are both amazing people! Your boys are happy and well adjusted, despite nap time woes, and even they will help as you both trade off to take up household things so that everyone succeeds. Good Luck, Hubster! We're waiting for news at interview time.

  3. I think you two are awesome and a role model for other parents. Team Family is always #1. Your life is very similar to ours. My hubs has put his career on hold to be a "mife" (man-wife)while I work a high stress job. We make it work. And some day, your family and mine will look back on all the struggle and sacrifice and laugh. It's so worth it :)

  4. I worry about having two kids and working as hard as my hubby and I do. But it's worked out so far, and will continue to work out. It always does.

  5. The thing about your family is that you have an amazing family unit, one that works so closely together and is there to support and be each other's biggest cheer leaders! Your boys, even as small as they are know that and take an active part. They are so blessed to grow up in such an amazing family.

    It will work out and you all will find that rhythm that works best for you. (And we're here to cheer you on too!)

  6. Hi
    Just stopping over from SITS - I'm impressed you have time to blog at all! I understand where you are coming from with this post. I also have two boys, and my DH has always taken up the slack for me too. I work from home and sometimes have crazy, crazy deadline schedules - and now have undertaken this blogging venture too! Somehow it does always work out! Oh, and another thing - I am always tired too!!! Stop by if you have a chance! You have a great site!

    Thanks, Anna from Motherly Law

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed! Hope he gets in also :O)

    Stopping by from SITS!! Have a FABulous day!!