Sunday, June 20, 2010

From My Dad

My mother is one of my very best friends (Hubster would be the other.) I love my mom, I confide in her, she's one of my favorite people to spend time with. When 1200 miles aren't separating us.

But I am so much like my dad.

I'm not even talking about the whole "we're both doctors" thing.

My personality is so much like his. My tendency to get into long discussions, my desire to be right, my stubbornness, my philosophical side. That comes from my dad.

My love of carbs and dairy, my love of chasing the boys around and tickling them, and my love of a campfire. That comes from my dad.

My anger over injustice, my tendency to bite of more than I can chew, my ability to get lost in a book. That comes from my dad.

We've had our moments. We've disagreed. We've argued. We've fought. But we understand each other.

He scared off boyfriends. He rigidly enforced curfew. He wouldn't let me outside the house with blue hair. He took me camping. He makes perfect popcorn. He understood my struggles during medical school and residency. He loves his grandsons.

So many of my strengths and my weaknesses come from my dad.

Thanks. And Happy Father's Day.


  1. A very nice tribute to you father. You both are blessed to have each other.

  2. I try so hard not to be like my dad. But I guess some of the things I consider weaknesses really could turn into strengths if I decide to look at them that way.

    I'm glad you had someone so close to you that understood exactly what you were going through in med school. I bet that made things, well, not easier, but more bearable at times.

  3. Wonderful tribute and a nice peek into who you are, too!

  4. What a great post! The older I get the more I am like my dad...and I strive to be so. :)

  5. I love this post. I am not like my father in anyway, but I love to see that my children are more and more like theirs. Hope you enjoyed Father's Day and Hubster had the best one yet!