Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apple Blossom Time

Have I mentioned yet how much I am truly loving spring?

The days have been warm and calm and perfect. The flowers have been out in full force.

The gorgeous days make me restless...I can not stand to spend a moment indoors while it is sunny outdoors.

In a fit of wanderlust, I packed the boys in the car and went to the local apple orchard. A little bird had told me the trees were in bloom, and my source did not fail me.

The boys ran between the trees, racing each other down the rows.

They gathered handfuls of dandelions.

The subtle smell of apple blossoms, the scent of grass, the sound of bees and Bugs and Monkeys...the day was an iconic spring moment.


  1. You are quite the photographer. I always love seeing your pictures. It looks like a great time at the apple orchard. I wish I could bottle up spring...most days, it is just perfect!

    Yesterday, when you mentioned the beach being 1000 miles away. I am originally from Iowa and all of my family (except parents and sister) are still there. They are all coming this summer for a week at the beach. :)

    Have a great rest of your week.

  2. Wandering the green and multi-colored, glowing days of spring with you. So very beautiful. I can't think of a more beautiful celebration of life than spring. Precious pictures!

  3. What a beautiful, perfect day!

  4. Oh, my, that apple orchard is beautiful—great pics!