Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scenes from Easter


  1. Beautiful photos!

    Your boys are just so cute. I especially love that last one. Very sweet!

    Oh, and I have to know...what is that cream and strawberry and chocolate and pastry concoction? Because that looks amazing.

  2. seriously, yes, what is that dessert? All the other photos are great but that one got a second glance!

  3. I am so jealous of your warm Easter.... we had to do it all inside this year due to the snow Blah it should never snow on Easter especially when mom bought Easter Dresses 2 month ago that were sleeveless and sandals for the shoes. It was still fun but we missed being able to have our picnic with Cams Family. Plus it is much harder to take pictures of Egg Hunts going on inside the house. It looks like your boys had tons of fun!!

  4. Thank you for the sun and joy--for showing the growing-to-fast boys--for sharing your amazing strawberry shortcake!
    Easter has truly extended it's promise on your little patch of heaven! Happy Easter!
    Note from our world: We watched the sky turn from purple to gray to ripply, soft pink over the snowy pond. We saw two river otters skimming the cold surface with the subdued ducks. The morning chorus was decidedly missing, but it was still a promising way to begin Easter morning. Easter dinner was celebrated with the addition of ever hopeful daffodils that treated snow as gayly as brown earth.