Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post Call Haze

I'm not sure I'm completely coherent at the moment. Instead of coming home from call and taking a nap like a normal person, I started cooking breakfast while still wearing my scrubs.

This post, like this morning, is a completely random collection. It's the best I can do.

Anytime I feel sorry for myself, overworked, and abused, I just look at the neurosurgery residents. And I feel better about my life. Neurosurgery has got to be the hardest thing on the planet. Seven years of grueling residency. No thank you.

I remember as a kid I would pick up bugs and worms and it never bothered me. Now, spiders have me running to the other room and even ladybugs and rolly-pollys make me a little queasy. I was reminded of this when doing yard work and the boys wanted me to hold a huge fat earthworm. I did oblige. Because I had gloves on. But it was still pretty bad.

I overheard my fellow residents talking about what time they go to bed. And that's when I realized that I get a lot less sleep than I need to. No wonder I fall asleep in conference all the time.

Twice over the last week, I've ended up shopping at places that only take cash. Guess who doesn't ever carry cash? I didn't realize non-debit-card-accepting stores still existed. I need to start carrying at least a little. I realized this even more when I drove past girls selling their last Girl Scout cookies.

I'm coming to terms that Hubster just doesn't care as much as I do about what color the curtains are for the guest bedroom. Or the rug. Or the color of the shutters. Or what artwork we hang up.

There are only 5 episodes of Lost left. What on earth will Hubster and I talk about after there is no more Lost? Obviously, I'm kidding. We can still talk about Survivor.

Bug ended up winning our family's March Madness bracket pool. Who would have thought? He was far behind going into the Elite Eight. But take out Syracuse, Kansas, and Kentucky...and a boy's got a chance. I was actually leading up to that point. But Bug picking Duke as the National Champion earned him enough points to take the lead from me. Our prize is lunch at the restaurant of your choosing. When we asked him what he wanted, he had one word. "Steak."

I think I may still be awake enough to exercise tonight. At least I changed out of my scrubs today. Seriously, sometimes it's tempting not to. Those things are comfortable, if not completely unflattering.

Hopefully, after some sleep, I will have some slightly more coherent thoughts for you.


  1. The fact that you're able to get on the computer and actually WRITE a post is pretty impressive!

    I don't know what I'm going to do when Lost ends. Besides be really depressed. At least I still have 12 other shows to keep up with...

  2. Congratulations to Bug for the March Madness win! Anything in my world that requires functioning on too little sleep ends up pretty bleak. You've talked about a family meal, comfortable clothes, a family contest, and enjoying similar entertainment--all positive things. While other peers are turning to sleep, you are turning first to renew the brightest place in your life. I can't imagine you would trade places, though SLEEP is so very needed! Sweet dreams, and the right kind of regrets certainly!

  3. Wow! My hat is off to you. You are pretty much like a Super Mom! I do agree with you that the Neurosurgery residences get my far less sleep than they should. It was a little unsettling when a residence told me he had not slept in 48 hours. He then announces he may need a nurse close by because he can't see straight. He says this as he begins to remove a shunt in the PICU. AHHHH! I can laugh about it now but at the time I wanted to find a couch for that poor man to sleep on. :)