Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fitness Plan

Exercising is hard for me to do.

Mostly, because I'm just not that big of fan. But I always try to blame it on other things. I don't really have the time. I can't afford a gym membership. I don't have the time. Oh, did I already use that excuse?

All those excuses are true. The time and money that going to a gym require just aren't really an option. We don't have the space or money for a home gym.

I used to run frequently, but got bored out of my mind about the same time I got tendonitis and shin splits.

I tried work-out videos, but the downstairs neighbors at our old apartment just didn't seem to appreciate my efforts.

And then, a little over a year ago, my brother in law brought over his Wii Fit.

Just to clarify. No one from Wii Fit has ever contacted me to promote them, review them, or compensate me for my feelings. But they should.

It was love at first sight. I used it religiously for nearly 4 months and lost almost 10 pounds.

But then we moved, and my BIL wasn't keen on us taking his Wii Fit with us.

Then, for Christmas, Hubster got me a Wii Fit Plus.

And it was that tingly, new relationship feeling all over again. With the Wii Fit, I mean.

I've lost 4 pounds using the Wii Fit. I can't use it as frequently as I use to, or for as long. But I love my Wii Fit.

The boys love it too. It was responsible for keeping cabin fever at bay during the long Midwestern winter.

Then, for my birthday, Hubster surprised me again. This time, with the Wii EA Active that I have by eying at every single trip to Wal-Mart.

Active is great. It is a much better work-out than Wii Fit. It makes me sweat, my heart pound, and prevents me from being able to walk normally for two days after.

I'm doing their 30 Day Challenge right now. Hopefully I'll have some good results at the end of it.

A couple things though.

Wii Fit is so much more fun! The activities are just more fun and feel more like games than exercises. It uses Miis, which are just so dang cute. And it is competitive. I love being able to beat Hubster's boxing score.

See, I told you that Wii Fit should contact me. I'm nothing but complimentary.

And the best thing is this.

It doesn't cost that much money. Okay, if you don't have a Wii system to begin, it cost a bit. But it's a one time cost, not a monthly bill.

The whole family can (and does) use it.

And I can exercise whenever I have time, for as long as I have time, without ever leaving family and home.

Now, all I need are some really good results, and it's perfect!


  1. I'm glad you found something that works for you. Let me know how it goes.Being active is healthy and happy. Both suit you.

  2. The Wii fit IS fun! If I didn't love my gym classes so much, I would totally get one!

  3. I LOVE Wii Active! I tried out Wii Fit Plus and it was okay, but Active is such a better workout, in my opinion. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  4. I want one SOOO bad. Wii really should compensate you some how, this post may have actually convinced me to just get one.