Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love spring.

Especially this spring. The spring that came and stayed. So different than the Utah springs I've known that aren't really spring at all, but a yo-yo of winter and summer.

All the flowers...

The yards full of blossoms...

All the warm days....

It feels like a reward for having survived the hard Midwestern winter.

Next winter, I'll know there is something to look forward to at the end of the deep freeze.


  1. Okay now I am feeling Spring envy!! I sure hope the yo yo is over here in Utah- I am not sure I could take another snow storm......Fall is my favorite but spring comes in second. I can't wait until everything is green and blooming!

  2. You need to blow those pics up, frame them, and hang them in your house! Or send them to me. ;)

  3. I am with you. Did this winter seem longer than winters past to you?

  4. Beautiful! Every winter seems longer than the last, or is it just me?Spring is still my favorite and yes, I'd say its a definite reward for outlasting the harsh winter.